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Phi of the Sea is where magical ocean waves lead to self-care rituals and positive energy alignment to restore self-love and confidence. Phi of the sea connects to the ocean as a favorite meditation station for spiritual practice.

We respectfully use Mother Nature’s raw, organic coconut oils, kosher florals, and earth-to-sea ingredients in all homemade treasures and ritual boxes. We consciously avoid single-use plastics, and are mindful of using eco-friendly methods at all times.

All of our creations are blessed and receives a sound bath during various moon cycles and ocean tides, collecting true ritualistic intentions and attracting the highest positive vibrations. Each ritual box includes handcrafted, natural self-care treasures and easy to use handwritten rituals, with affirmations to help you center and relax, enlighten your mind, and tap into your own power and intuition. The affirmations call on the elements and spirits to restore your truth, or ask the stars to align in your favor to survive the next wave or recover from the last one.

Phi of the Sea products can turn your bath time into a ritualistic experience with a beach destination in mind to realign, rejuvenate, regain strength, and stand in your power. When in need of enlightenment, just give yourself an hour to reclaim your power. Come catch a wave or a ray of enriched energy alignment.

The ocean belongs to everyone and then to no one, it is a body of water that connects us all. Way too many have taken too much for far too long. Overuse and neglect threaten to leave us with a vast blue desert. It is time to change the way we see the ocean the way we treat our Mother.

A place where we take what we want and dump what we don’t. To a shared resource of immense value and ritual. The place of true soul connection and a return to our natural indigenous selves. Big Blue must be safeguarded, she’s our mother and we couldn’t survive without her, our beaches must be kept as pristine as the air she provides us.

I’m Phillinea Davis, founder and creator of Phi if the Sea. I am a free-spirited California girl raised in the concrete jungles of Southern California. I grew up loving nature and respecting California beaches. For me, the ocean has always been a weighted and soft blanket that would roll me up in comfort and spit me out, calling me back again to teach me so many life lessons. The ocean became my happy place, a church, and an inspiration to the energy practices that I share with all today. Beaches and rolling waves deliver an instant connection to nature for all of us. They instantly restore our energy like magic, and this is the intention that Phi of the Sea is built upon.

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