Phi of the Sea Rituals

All of our creations are blessed and receives a sound bath during various moon cycles and ocean tides, collecting true ritualistic intentions and attracting the highest positive vibrations. Each ritual box includes handcrafted, natural self-care treasures and easy to use handwritten rituals, with affirmations to help you center and relax, enlighten your mind, and tap into your own power and intuition. The affirmations call on the elements and spirits to restore your truth or ask the stars to align in your favor to survive the next wave or recover from the last one.

Phi of the Sea products can turn your bath time into a ritualistic experience with a beach destination in mind to realign, rejuvenate, regain strength, and stand in your power. When in need of enlightenment, just give yourself an hour to reclaim your power. Come ride a wave, a wave to enlightenment, and a ray of enriched energy alignment. 

These blessed items are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure you of any diseases.

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